Opening RDI Centre in Nutrition and Health

On Monday afternoon the COS organize together CTNS an Open Day (16-18h) to celebrate the opening of the Centre that brings together the key players in research and innovation in the agrofood and biotechnology of the URV: the CTNS-Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health, the COS-Centre for Omic Sciences, the IIPSV-Pere Virgili Health Research Institute and the AINS-Innovative Business Association of Nutrition and Health.

In a week aimed to nutrition and health innovation, we have organised sessions of business and scientific relevance every day:

  • [21/01/13] Business innovation in Nutrition and Health in Catalonia

The purpose of the session is to analyse the reasons for innovation and driving mechanisms in innovative companies in the field of Nutrition and Health located in Catalonia.

The session will provide an overview of the impact of business innovation in Catalonia from the different subsectors of the food industry.

  • [22/01/13] Omic Sciences, innovation and business

The session will address the potential of omic sciences in the development of new biotechnological, biomedical and food products.

With the participation of international experts from the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, the Centre for Omic Sciences, the Centre for Genomic Regulation, the University Rovira i Virgili and qGenomics company.

Targeted at technical staff, R&D&I personnel and managers of food, biotechnological and biomedical companies.

  • [23/01/13] Short course in Metabolomics

The course is intended for the scientist who wants an introduction to metabolomics, with an emphasis on practical, mass spectrometry- and NMR-based approaches.

Some familiarity with mass spectrometry and/or NMR and analytical chemistry is preferred, but background will be provided.

  • [24/01/13] Research in Nutrition and Health in the Tarragona area

Main research areas on nutrition and health of academic stakeholders that belong to the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) will be presented.

Specialized research projects about lipid metabolism disorders, nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition and mental health, among others, will be explained.

  • [25/01/13] Catalan clusters, nutrition and innovation

During the conference we will explain the benefits of participation in clusters for business competitiveness and present some cases of Catalan intracluster collaborative projects.

Will be attended by representatives of the Catalan innovation agency ACC1Ó and managers of several clusters.

 More information and registration here