Quantitative proteomics progress in protein quantification

COS invites you to the new session “Quantitative proteomics progress in protein quantification“ on July 15.

It will take place in the Sala Polivalent, Centre de R+D+i en Nutrició i Salut, Av. Universitat, 1, Reus.


First speaker: Nicolas Autret (Regional Manager – Southern EU)
Title: SOMASCAN : how to measure sensitively more than 1100 proteins in a targeted way and lead to new biological understanding.


Second speaker: Marc Martín (System Specialist – Bio-rad Laboratories)
Title: Quantificació multiplexada de proteïnes per tecnologia xMAP amb l’aparell Bio-plex 200g.


Third speaker: Pedro Nadal (Proteomics Specialist – COS)
Title: Protein quantification by Mass Spectrometry and use of Sklyline software


You can find all the information here.