The COS is located at the Centre of RDI in Nutrition and Health, in the Bellisens Campus, in Spain. It is 100 km. south of Barcelona, on the Mediterranean coast and enjoys a mild climate, offering a variety of recreational opportunities.

Centre for Omic Sciences
Avda. Universitat nº 1
43204-Reus (Spain)
Phone: (+34) 977.300.431

The coordinates for the GPS are: 41.146167, 1.120499  // 41°08’46.2″N,  1°07’13.8″E

You can get to Reus by plane, train or car.

By plane.There are two options. The first one is to fly to the Airport of Barcelona (AENA-Barcelona). From the airport take a train to Barcelona-Sants, where you can take another train to Reus (www.renfe.es) or a bus (http://www.igualadina.com). The second option is to fly directly to Reus (AENA-Reus).

By train. The railway station in Reus is on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Lleida line (www.renfe.es). It is some distance from the CTNS building, so we recommend taking a taxi. Alternatively, the AVE train station (the Camp de Tarragona) is 18 km from Reus.

By car. You can get to Reus by taking the AP-7 motorway or the N-340 national road. After leaving the AP-7, take the T-11 towards Reus.

  • Take the exit marked, among other things, Bellisens Avenue.
  • The exit leads to a roundabout. You have to take the first (and only) exit on the right (90 degrees): Bellisens Avenue.
  • At about 1 km and is a very big building that is on the left. Is the new Hospital Sant Joan de Reus.
  • Just to be building on the left, you reach a roundabout, exit to the left 90 degrees leaving the hospital on the left and right CTNS.
  • Following the road to turn around the entire campus and park in one of the two car parks.
  • Then you must continue on foot (line marked with a red arrow) to get into the building space of CTNS.